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Great Idea! Nursing Pods for breastfeeding mamas…

I saw this article on FlyerTalk….

I proudly nursed my babies for 15 months each, and did so wherever and whenever necessary, including in airports and on airplanes.  I used a “Hooter Hider” while nursing in public, both for my own modesty and for everyone else’s comfort.

I don’t believe that mothers need to hide their nursing activities, but for those moms that prefer more privacy than using a nursing cover, the Milwaukee airport has installed Mamava Nursing Pods.  It’s basically a small, clean room, with a comfy seat, and outlets.

It’s called a Nursing Pod, but I think the women who would most benefit from this are the mamas traveling WITHOUT their babies- meaning they need a private place to use a breast pump.  The door locks, which means a relaxing pumping experience without fear of interruption, or guilt from taking up a bathroom stall longer than usual.

They are installing a bunch more of them later this year, in New York/New Jersey airports!  Nice.

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