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International travel, party of 1

Ok, so I’m off to South America soon, and have followed my own travel planning tips.  But…it’s downright weird.  I’m going alone, so my spreadsheet is puny and there are no touristic plans since I’ll be having a medical procedure and mostly resting.

Packing has been bizarre, I had to force myself to do it.  No color-coordinated list.  Just my stuff, and some gifts for my nieces and nephews.  It is exciting to take my new backpack out for her first gig as a carry-on, so there’s that.

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I actually really hate the “taking off” part of the flight.  LOL, I’m white-knuckling the armrest, and tears are threatening to spill out of my tightly-closed eyes, and OHMYGOD I just remembered what that swoop when the plane levels off feels like in my stomach and I’ll be right back, going to cancel my tickets.


Thanks, Baymax.


Got a little too close to the ledge there.  Did not cancel.  *deep breath*

I won’t have DD or DH or DS’s hands to squeeze during takeoff, so I’ve created a “YOU WILL BE JUST FINE” playlist on my iPod, which is a mixture of Disney stuff that makes you feel happy to fly (the soundtrack from Soarin’, naturally), and some “remember when you were young and hip and stayed out all night dancing” fast-paced salsa and cumbia tracks.  I may even have a drink (!), which would be an all-time first.

My next post will probably be from the lovely land of Ecuador.  Wish me luck!

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