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Europalooza Trip Report Part 1: Escape from Hawaii

You may have noticed that I changed the name of this trip for purposes of simplicity.  Easier to type Europalooza than Spain and France in 2018 or So Help Me, which is a name I still love because of the Monsters, Inc. reference.   Anyway, Europalooza it is, for the duration of this Trip Report.

Departure day dawned…sunny? cloudy? rainy?…actually I didn’t pay attention to the weather at all, haha.  It just dawned, and it meant that I was up early due to have a pesky all-day work training to attend.  The packing lists had been printed and posted a few days prior, with almost all of the packing already done.  Just a few housechores left to do: Read the rest of this entry »

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New travel gear :)

Hey, so I mentioned that I had totally scored on my ideal travel backpack, and I’ve since received it.  It’s fabulous, and I did a “test-fill” to see how it would hold up to my usual carry-on packing needs.  Here it is, with most of my typical carry-on stuff, roughly clockwise: rubbah slippahs, Travel Planning Binder, puzzle book, pashmina, water bottle, powder flavoring, spare clothes, makeup bag, glasses, gum, inhaler, chargers, hair clip, smartphone (see how the phone case matches the backpack? squee!), chargers, watch, pen/highlighter, travel wallet, snacks, small first aid kit (in the red pouch), portable charger (the shiny blue thing), headphones, 7-day med case, Charmin To-Go & Wet Ones, and 3-1-1 bag with toothpaste/sanitizer/lotion.  Plus, the new backpack of course!  It fit beautifully, with space to spare.


test carry

Not pictured: my neck pillow, which I would clip to the top handle of the bag, more protein-y snacks like pepperoni, and my iPod Touch (because I took this picture with it)!


Also, remember this post about the Disney TAG (Travel-Accessories-Gear) collection?  Well, one day I received a free shipping code from Disney Store, so I decided to browse around the site.  What did I come across but the single solitary item from the TAG collection available on DisneyStore.com?  So, I hate umbrellas, and usually just get wet rather than use one, never mind carry one around.  But this one is adorable, and I had the free shipping code, another offer for 25% off Disney Parks items, and 3% back from ebates.  For $15.63, not including the ebates rebate, this umbrella is mine and the children/husband have been instructed to never ever touch it, lol.  So now I have something from the TAG collection, and it gives me hope that other items will be sold online in the future.

TAG umbrella1

Also, you guys, I’m seriously considering ending the blog.  Posts get very few views, and with so little feedback, I’m not sure what people are wanting to hear about.  The renewal date is coming up in a few weeks.  Just FYI.

We’re moving right along on the Quinceañera planning…finalizing invitations in the coming weeks!


Disney T-A-G, and a personal bag

It’s been a rough time for me emotionally, though of course my suffering is infinitesimal compared to those who actually died/were injured/are missing in the Earthquake.  No new (safe) donation opportunities haves popped up specifically for Hawaii.  I sent money to my cousin’s car service, and from what I understand, it was helpful.  I will continue to send aid in that manner.  It was really great to see that communities with lots of Ecuadorians (NY, Miami, etc), were getting together Facebook Groups to organize donation drives via the airlines or local travel agencies.  There have been lots of inspiring stories of rescues, international aid arriving, and huge quantities of donations from the less-hit areas of Ecuador.  The inevitable political sniping and accusations of favoritism are alive and well, too.  There is still along ways to go towards rebuilding, of course.  Time to put those donations to work and get on with it.  Ok, Disney time! Read the rest of this entry »

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Bags, backpacks, and day bags, oh my…

Today, let’s discuss suitcases, carry-ons, and day/touring bags.  We’ll choose bags, and then fill them later.  Squee! Containers of all kinds are my Kryptonite, so of course I love carrying something nice that also keeps my travel stuff organized.  Note that nice does not necessarily equal expensive.  I also hate paying for more than I need.  I’ve carefully researched and chosen some travel bags recently, and thought I’d share my opinions on the subject. Once upon a time, all my disposable income was spent on me, and my sister and I used to shop together like pros.  I fell in love with a luggage collection called “Color on the Go” by Diane Von Furstenberg.  It featured blue suede-ish material with white leather accents.  My sister fell right with me, except she loved the pink version.  I can’t remember what the original price for my luggage was, but I do remember paying close to $300 for the 2 pieces I got.  I got a “feed bag” carry-on style tote and a 20″ rolling carry-on.  I promptly named the rolling one “Diane.”  No idea why I didn’t name the other one “Von Furstenberg” at the time, but I will do so now.  My sister and I learned lessons with these bags: she learned that they should never be checked, as her beautiful pink suede bag came off the baggage claim belt with a bunch of black grease marks on it.  I learned that “Von Furstenberg” was great for the plane since it had a crossbody strap and fit right under the seat in front of me, but still had issues.  I hate carry handles, sigh.  “Diane” was kind of a pain due to being pretty heavy even while completely empty and not having spinner wheels.  I always got compliments from the flight attendants, though.  Of course, this line has been discontinued for some time now. *sniff*

Meet "Diane."

Meet Diane,

Meet "Von Furstenberg."

and her buddy Von Furstenberg.

Worry not, fellow OCDers, my set has matching colors!  My shade is the one on the bottom.  These beautiful bags are now reserved for when I travel completely alone- like when I surprised my sister and mom by popping over to NJ for 30 hours for my sister’s baby shower last year.  My sister realized I was at my parent’s house the night before the party when she spotted Diane in the hallway 🙂 Anyway, my daughter was born, and I was starting to plan her lifetime of travel.  I decided to buy a luggage set by Traveler’s Choice.  It included a large 28″ Pullman, a 26″ rolling duffle, a 24″ Pullman, a 22″ rolling carry-on, and softsided carry-on duffle bag.  Pretty sure I paid less than $150 for the whole set from Overstock.com, many moons ago.  It was a good bargain, and I used those bags for many years.  I still have the softsided bag, and the last suitcase of the set only broke a few months ago.  Lessons learned since purchasing that set: a 28″ suitcase is way too big to handle, even with good inline wheels, and a bag that big is almost impossible to keep under the 50# weight limit on most US airlines.  I also learned that a 26″ rolling duffle is pretty much the perfect size of checked suitcase for my family; fully stuffed, it just reaches 50# (49.5# on our last trip)!  Now that we are a family of 4, this is what we use. Suitcases: I recently replaced the 26″ rolling duffle from the Traveler’s Choice set with a 25″ one from eBags, and took her on her first spin to Ecuador.  So many organizing sections.  It was perfect, and the blue color is absolutely luscious.  The eBags brand is awesome- I have the Piazza crossbody bag for weekend errands, the Kayla Town Square which I take to work every day, the Bistro lunch tote, and have gotten laptop backpacks for my husband and father.  All are excellent quality, with really well-thought-out organizational features.  Plus they have a great warranty.  I got this for about $145, which is a great price for the quality.

I love you, transporter of mundane things.

Hello, lover.

When we take another checked bag, we use a 26″ red spinner Pullman that we got from Ross years ago for about $50.  Very handy at the airport, though because of its one big interior space, it’s easy to overpack, weight limit-wise. Avoiding overweight baggage fees is mandatory, so I never travel without my luggage scale.  It’s the last thing I throw into the suitcase. Carry-ons: I need my hands to be free for traveling with little ones, so I prefer a crossbody style or a backpack.  On the Ecuador trip, I used my daughter’s old Land’s End backpack that she used for school for 1 year before deciding that she needed a new one, even though the one she wound up getting was a drawstring bag of all things….but I digress.  It was available, not too “little girly,” free to me 🙂 and fit my carry-on requirements:

  • needs at least 2 separate big compartments.  I use one compartment for electronics stuff (charging cables, headphones) the trip-planning binder, puzzle book, etc.  The second compartment is for small personal items like flip-flops, pashmina, makeup, and the 3-1-1 TSA-approved toiletry bag.
  • at least 2 smaller compartments on the outside, 1 with a secure zipper.  Need an easy-to-reach place for my snacks once on the plane, and my travel wallet, cell phone, highlighter/pen combo and iPod go in the zippered compartment.
  • needs 2 side pockets.  I always, always carry an empty plastic water bottle through security and then fill it up at a water fountain, and add a flavor packet.  The bottle uses 1 side pocket, and then I can stick any old thing in the other side pocket: my sunglasses, phone charger, one of the kids’ water bottles, a hair clip, etc.
  • at least one smaller compartment inside, preferable with a zipper closure.  A good place for a small pouch containing a cash stash, the meds I am traveling with, jewelry, and a spare pen (you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had to lend my spare pen to my husband, or substitute it for a dropped crayon when I can’t see where the crayon has fallen).

This is the exact bag! No shame in using something labeled for kids. I’m short, so it’s a proportional fit anyway.

 Land’s End has a very good warranty policy, too.  For a while, you could return stuff ordered online to any physical Sears location.  I think they discontinued that, though. Day/touring bag: last year I decided I needed a new travel day bag, because the aforementioned eBags Piazza bag was simply too small to carry a day’s worth of sightseeing stuff.  The water bottle pocket was too small for my preferred bottle (this Rubbermaid, which has a large opening for easy filling, a screw-on top, no straws/nooks/crannies in the lid that are impossible to clean, and can hold at least 20oz of water at a time), and the strap becomes uncomfortable when the bag is heavy.  Perfect for weekend errands, not good for all-day activities, like theme park touring. The last 2 times we went to Disney World, I used a smaller-than-standard backpack that I got on clearance at Old-Navy for $3.97.  Seriously.  That thing was a workhorse, and I used it at Disney after using it at college in my senior year.  I loved the compartments on that thing, especially a small sleeve attached to the shoulder strap that held my student ID and bus pass for easy access.  Eventually, things started to break in it, and it got some stuff spilled on it.  After our last Disney trip, I realized the bag was too big for the streamlined approach I take to what to carry in the parks (a post on that within the next few months), plus it had the very common problem of having a black interior lining.  It becomes a black hole for stuff, especially when searching for something in a low-light environment.  So with several trips on the horizon, I set about searching for the perfect day/touring bag.  Requirements:

  • crossbody style.  This is non-negotiable.  In addition to being crossbody, it needed to NOT have carry handles.  I hate the way they flop about and get in the way of the outside zippers.
  • water bottle pocket big enough for the Rubbermaid.
  • outside zip pocket on the back side, which rests against the body.  For peace of mind and easy access to confirmation printouts, tickets, etc.
  • soft fabric material that “molds” against the body.  You can’t call me animal-friendly by any stretch of the imagination (mmmm, bacon), but I do object to leather bags.  The molding is important, because who wants to wear a rigid rectangle against their hips?
  • comfy adjustable strap…remember this thing will be loaded up with 10-12 hours worth of stuff.  No stiff webbing rubbing against my neck, please!
  • light-colored interior lining.  Coordinating lighter color is even better.
  • several small pockets inside and outside, some with zippers and some without.  Dedicated place for my sunglasses, phone, padded pocket for the iPod, small section for lip gloss/compact, purse hanger, etc.
  • main compartment big enough for travel wallet, camera, small book.  Able to hold 8×11 papers folded in half without crumpling them.
  • ideally, the bag should be able to sort of stand up on its own when not full.  This is tricky, too stiff and it won’t mold.  Too soft and it’ll flop over at the slightest breeze and get dirty in the process.
  • available in some shade of blue.

With those specs in mind, I started to search on ebags.com, Amazon, and Zappos.com.  I bought 6 different bags, from brands like PacSafe, Baggallini, Lug, and Kipling.  I found plusses and minuses with all of them, but in the end I chose to keep the Lug Shimmy in this gorgeous Ocean color.  It fit all of my requirements, plus it has a sturdy clear plastic strip on the bottom, which helps the base of the bag not get wet or dirty, and help it stand up just enough.  If I recall correctly, it was about $68.  They’ve since discontinued this bag!  I’ve used it daily for 2 long trips already and it still looks brand new, so I’m sure it’ll last until I’m tired of it and am forced (LOL!) to shop for a new day bag.  We’ll see how she does on her inaugural trip to a Disney park!

Once again, blue.

Once again, blue.

This post has made me nostalgic for another piece from the DVF Color On the Go set.   I loved it at the time, but felt I was already spending too much money on this luggage, so I didn’t get it.  I should have though, because I’ve regretted not buying it ever since.  Maybe I’ll find it one day!

DVF Color On the Go Beauty Case, I've never forgotten you!

DVF Color On the Go Beauty Case, I’ve never forgotten you!

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