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Disney World October 2015 Trip Report Part 8: DHS & MK

We’re approaching the end of the trip report ūüė¶¬† 2 full days plus the travel day is all that is left.¬† But let us not be prematurely sad, for there is still Disney fun to be had!¬† Hey, that rhymed!¬† I’ll see myself out…

OK, another early morning today.  We had finished our packing the night before, so we could drop our bags at the Art of Animation Bell Desk for the Cast Members to transfer them over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Naturally, I also wanted to make Extra Magic Hours at Hollywood Studios, which began at 8am.  Like I said: early.

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Disney World October 2015 Trip Report Part 7A: A morning with DS

Once we had DS, I knew that one day we would be able to pull off a Parent Switch Day at Disney- one of us parents would spend the morning with one child, then all meet and switch, so the other parent would spend the afternoon with that child. The planned activities would be kept a secret from the kids, but would include something special.¬† I really looked for activities that each child would love, but maybe the other child wouldn’t be interested in, or couldn’t participate in.

Leading up to the trip, we teased our kids with little hints at what they might do on Mami Morning/Daddy Afternoon (for DS), or Daddy Morning/Mami Afternoon (for DD).¬† DD in particular, I think, looked forward to alone time with each of us, able to speak/eat/walk freely without being interrupted by her little brother.¬† She WAS an only child until she was 9, you know…

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Disney World October 2015 Trip Report Part 4: Epcot and Hollywood Studios

Fresh off our magical first Disney Day, we got up bright and early to hit Rope Drop at Epcot.¬† We had FP+ at Test Track for late morning, and since Epcot FP+ operates on a Tier System, we couldn’t also get one for Soarin’ on that same morning.¬† Our best bet was arriving¬†early and going directly to The Land pavilion to soar over California before the standby line became prohibitive.¬† I am an aficionado of ride soundtracks, and the Soarin’ music is my absolute favorite.¬† To say I was looking forward to riding it again is an understatement.¬† We had good luck with the busses, and found ourselves about 5 families back from the rope, waiting impatiently for the Cast Member (CM)¬†to announce the Park officially open.¬† We had left the stroller at the hotel for the AM shift of Park touring again, so as soon as I saw the CMs moving to open the ropes, I lifted my¬†little guy onto my back-¬†to avoid him getting caught up in the crowd, and also to speed our walking pace.

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