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This traveler is grounded…and you should be, too

on March 22, 2020

No need to rehash the whys and wherefores of the Coronavirus epidemic except to say that YOU NEED TO STAY HOME.  Here in Honolulu, our mayor announced a stay-home order through April 30.  That’s about 5 weeks from today, not including the 10 days or so many of us have already been home.  As someone who works in allied health (I care for patients outside of hospital/provider settings for the most part), I fully applaud the decision.  We could have had less time at home, but many disgustingly selfish people “took advantage” of the low fares to Hawaii and well, you know the rest.  I do think the April 30 date is based on an abundance of caution, so there’s a teeny chance we’ll be released a bit earlier.  But it does neatly allow people to cancel/postpone events with certainty.  So here are my plans during lockdown…First, I’m alternating between writing this blog post and making a homeschool schedule for my elementary-school-age son.  His Spring Break was this past week, so he got to spend lots of time playing Minecraft and Bloons.  Back to learning!  It’s a rough, and temporary schedule, though, because the Dept of Education said that the teachers would be spending this coming week planning for the remainder of the school year.  Further guidelines will come eventually, so my plans are really just to keep him in the schedule/routine of a schoolday.

I already work from home 90% of the time, and am very thankful for it.  I consider myself lucky, because the only real disruption to my schedule is so far is …other people being home while I’m working!  And not being able to exercise on my normal routine, either.  I may just gain the “19” part of Covid-19 by the time we’re allowed to go out again.

DD and DH are both affected by the guidelines for UH-Manoa.  She’s home from the dorms and will be taking classes online from here for the rest of the semester.  He’ll be working for the University mostly from home, though at this point there is some confusion about whether he is considered essential staff.  He may be here every day, too, and we’ll all be spread around the house with our computers.

couch potato

We come now to the BIG QUESTION.  What about my Disneyland trip?  As of now, about 2 months out, I’ve not made any changes to my plans. The Park tickets will keep, and I’m not about to lose my hotel reservations until I have no choice- remember all the shenanigans it took to get them?  Finally, the flights could be changed if needed, to later in the summer.  It may depend on if the school tries to tack on days to the end of the calendar year.  I’m inclined to just have DS miss those days if they come to pass- he has no issues with academics.

DS still doesn’t know.  My DVD collection and Disney+ are being very helpful in making available all the Disney movies he needs to watch before going.  In the past 10 days, we’ve watched Mary Poppins, Moana, Frozen, Frozen 2, and The Princess & the Frog.  Pretty good!  Still have a bunch more to watch, and plenty of time at home to do so…

Stay home, and stay healthy, everybody!

One response to “This traveler is grounded…and you should be, too

  1. VivaLaDiva405 says:

    Boo Coronavirus and EXTRA boo to the ‘take advantage’ of people. But small yay to continuing the blog?


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