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3 years of blogging under my belt!

on July 24, 2017

It’s that time of year again!  The anniversary of this blog 🙂

3 years ago, I started this project in hopes of helping other Hawaii families plan their travel away from the Islands.  Based on anecdotal evidence, it has worked!  It’s still quite a small blog, but I know people have benefited from the information therein.

Here’s the time capsule post I wrote 1 year ago:

And now, a time capsule post for 1 year from now…

I’m a few weeks away from traveling to Ecuador again, much sooner than I had anticipated.  I hope my procedure goes off smoothly, and plan to do something productive with my recovery time.  I continue to look forward to the Quinceañera and hope my daughter enjoys her party.  I’ll keep on top of miles and points bonus opportunities to build up a good supply to use in Europe.  And I will always share the tips and tricks and strategies that I learn with you.  Here’s to travel planning!

So…as you know, my procedure went just fine, and I’m feeling great.  The productive thing I planned to do with my time was get back to thinking and dreaming in Spanish in addition to speaking it, and YES, several weeks in Ecuador put me right back in that mindset.

Also, you know how the party went: pure magic.  Finally, I have added a chart in the Spain and France in 2018 Or So Help Me spreadsheet, keeping track of all points and miles that I may be able to use on my trip.  Looks like this right now:

as of June 2017
Me DH Total
Ultimate Rewards 8,133 19,152        27,285
SPG points 2,676 41,229        43,905
IHG points 24,920 0        24,920
American Airlines 53,025 56,788      109,813
United Airlines 83,642 7,732        91,374
Alaska Airlines 18,824 15,982        34,806

Still many months left, but it gives me a focus for accumulation, especially on the miles side, as we can likely book outbound flights this coming January.  I’m looking at United for the outbound at this point.  Then on the hotel side, the IHG Rewards Club card has a juicy 80K sign-up bonus right now, and it might be time for DH to accumulate some of these.

Ok, time for another time capsule post:

I’m in the thick of advance planning for Europe 2018, as well as being super focused on finishing off the car loan a year early.  I’ll be grateful that we can take the kids on these adventures, and soak in their gratitude, as they have really started to express it.  I’ll be banking any miles/points bonus opportunities and sharing them here.  I hope everyone can achieve their travel dreams, and hope to help them along!  Here’s to another year!


Pic from Disney Parks Blog


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