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Bits & Pieces: Laptop ban update, Alaska CC, Southwest to HI, Referral links

on May 24, 2017
    • Here’s a long article from Bloomberg News about the possible laptop ban from Europe into US airports.  They….didn’t make a final decision, and are still fighting it out.  The prediction is that they will try to implement it, get a lot of ire over it, and  retract it.  Sounds good to me.

  • Hey, the Alaska Airlines Visa just got better!  I’ve gone on at length about the Companion Fare, and how much value we get out of it each year, paying just $99 + taxes for a second person flying the same itinerary on Alaska metal.  Our trips to the mainland, when not covered by miles, average us $500 round trip per person due to the Companion Fare value, plus earning the full distance mileage flown.  Even on the Companion ticket.  The $75 Annual Fee more than pays for itself.  But wait- there’s more! For a limited time, new applicants who are approved will get the 1st year’s Companion Fare waived– yes, you will not even pay the $99, just the taxes on the 2nd ticket.

spock win

This offer is good through July 10, and reading the fine print yields these gems of info: the Annual Fee is NOT waived for the 1st year, you must have good enough credit to be a approved for the Visa Signature card with a limit of $5000 or more, and the code is deposited in the MileagePlan holder’s account within 2 billing cycles of the statement where the $1000 minimum spend in the first 90 days is reached.  ATTENTION: I heard rumors that if you go onto the Alaska site and shop for a flight by adding it to your cart, that the above credit card offer is sweetened- not only would you get 1 free Companion Fare, but a $100 statement credit as well.  You don’t need to buy the flight to access the offer, just add to your cart.

    • Not official, but it appears that many things that stood in the way of Southwest Airlines being able to fly to Hawaii have been resolved: they now have planes able to be rated for overwater travel with more coming into the fleet later in 2017/early 2018, they recently overhauled their online reservation system, and they have a few West Coast cities and possibly Vegas to use as bases for Hawaii flights.  Plus, of course, they talked about it last week, saying that Hawaii flights are a “priority.”  More info from the Motley Fool here.  The article says that actually getting those new planes rates will take a while, so consumers should not expect 2018 but 2019 or even later.  Despite today’s negative news story about alleged discrimination against a same-sex family, Southwest are known for friendly policies like no baggage charges, no change fees, and easy-to-earn Rapid Rewards points.


  • When you have as many credit cards as I do, you get a lot of email from the issuing banks asking you to refer others for the cards you hold, often for a miles/points incentive.  I direct you to my disclaimer on the side there- the important bit being that I don’t currently and don’t ever plan on getting income for any cards/services I recommend.  That said, if you are considering getting something, I can provide a referral link for some cards, which may result in an non-cash incentive for me.  I’ve added a Referral page to the site with a list of referrals I have access to.  If you want to receive a referral link, you can Contact Me, and I’ll send it via email.  Please note: the referral links are not always the most generous offer, so shop around first!  I can also add in some referrals that are available from readers for cards I don’t hold, and for services such as ebates.

Thanks for reading!

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