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Bits & Pieces: T-A-G, Elena of Avalor, Crayola Store

on August 5, 2016
  • Remember my post about Disney T-A-G, and how I hoped more items would be available on DisneyStore.com eventually?  Well, I got my Disney wish!  I got an email this morning offering 25% off plus free shipping (use code: PARKDEALS) when you order any Disney Parks item…including newly added T-A-G offerings.  There are 20 items listed, ranging from $14.95 for a curling iron case to $199.00 for a 28″ rolling suitcase.  Oddly, the umbrella that I bought is not among the offerings.  But this lovely Jewelry Organizer is:

Why do I love this so much?  If you know me in real life, you know that I never change my understated earrings, can’t stand to wear anything around my neck, and only wear bracelets on very special occasions.  So I really have no use for this.  But…pretty!

  • Elena of Avalor: Disney’s first Latina princess!  She is independent, bilingual, has a smart ‘n spunky sister, great hair, and rides a magical flying jaguar.  Yes, as a matter of fact I am flattered that Disney Channel chose to create a show based on my life story.  Hahaha.  Anyway, the show is cute, funny, and includes wonderful messages about believing in your own strengths and abilities.  Disney Parks Blog has announced the debut of Elena at Walt Disney World, with a special show in front of Cinderella Castle called “The Royal Welcome of Princess Elena of Avalor,” to be live-streamed online.  The first show on August 11th is the one to be live-streamed, but after that they will have it several times a day for Park guests.


  • Finally, a shout-out to Crayola’s online store!  I decided to create something in the Crayola My Way section, which allows you to create a custom crayon box where you choose the colors you want.  I repeat: YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR OWN CRAYON COLORS, for 8-count and 64-count boxes.  You can also add a photo to the front of the box, choose holiday and birthday-themed boxes, customize an art case, and even get your kids’ doodles made into stuffed animals.  Anyway, the shout-out is for their Customer Service team….I got an Amex Offer for the Crayola Store, and loved the idea of customizing a crayon box.  So I went on the site, created something, ordered it, and completely forgot to use the card that had the Amex offer attached to it.  I realized it an hour later when I noticed that I hadn’t received the “You’ve just used your Amex Offer!” email.  I called them, and spoke with a rep, who stated that because it was a weekend she couldn’t make any changes to the order, and a manager would call me on Monday to see what they could do to change the payment type.  On Monday, I called again, and a different rep said she would have a manager call me right away.  10 minutes later, I spoke with the manager who unfortunately couldn’t make the change, because of course the payment was already authorized to the card I had used, and as custom order, there were no refunds/cancellations.  So I didn’t get my statement credit for using the Amex Offer, but guess what?  I didn’t really mind, because all 3 of the ladies I spoke with were so kind, friendly, and genuine in wanting to help me.  I messaged the company on Facebook to praise their service staff by name.  It was my mitzvah for the day.


    I clapped with delight upon seeing this on my screen!



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