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Bits & Pieces: FastPass+ update, Disney Dollars, Disney Cruise out of NYC

on May 24, 2016
  • Disney updated their FastPass+ system, for the better!  This applies to WDW only.  Previously, once you’d used up your initial 3 FP+ selections for the day, or the time to use them had expired, you could choose a 4th option in the same Park or another one, if there were times available, but only at an in-Park kiosk.  You could see availability on the app, but not choose it until you’d traveled to the next Park.  Now, with the enhancement, you can choose a 4th option (again, after you’ve used the 1st 3 or their usage time has passed) from the My Disney Experience app on your phone, no need to be in the Park!  This saves time, always a premium at Disney. Note: the in-Park kiosks, with a Cast Member present to help you use them, will still be available. Other great improvements: the ability to only make 1 or 2 selections instead of being forced to make 3 per day, and being able to make selections for individuals instead of the whole group (there was a way to do this before, but it was pretty complicated and often caused all the other people’s selections to temporarily disappear).  On my personal Wish List for the next upgrade…being able to make selections in different Parks in a single day, for when you plan to Park-hop.  If you could just have that in place before we go back in 2021…


  • A sad Disney announcement: no more Disney Dollars! As allears.net reports, the manufacture of Disney Dollars has ended.  Disney Stores that still have them in stock will sell until they run out.  The Dollars have no expiration date, so if you have some and want to use them in the Parks, you still can.  I remember using Disney Dollars as prizes for a Disney trivia game I made up for DD and DH before our 2008 trip.  This was a neat way to give kids money to save for Disney, since they can’t be used anywhere else.  But I guess the move makes sense- I didn’t buy any Disney Dollars in anticipation of this recent trip, because gift cards are just so easy.  Aw, farewell, Disney Dollars! dollar
  • When I think about an extended family vacation that doesn’t involve Ecuador, I think about a cruise.  What, no WDW, you say?  You wouldn’t want to have 9 people (my parents, my sister, her DH, my niece, plus the 4 of us) touring a Disney Park at the same time?  The answer is no.  So, what’s better than a Disney Parks vacation for extended family?  A Disney Cruise Line vacation.  You unpack once, visit cool ports of call, the ship is beautiful and air-conditioned, Disney characters are available for greeting, and most lovely of all- the ship is contained.  You can’t get too far away from each other, so meeting up for food/shows/games/swimming is fast and easy, but you still have your cabin close by if you need privacy.  Disney Cruise Line has announced itineraries departing from NYC for Fall of 2017.  No specific dates released today, but this year’s NYC cruises are all in October.  I would LOVE to do this itinerary: depart NYC, days at sea, stop at Port Canaveral, go to Epcot/MK since *1 day Park-Hopper tickets to WDW, including port transfers, are part of the cruise price*, go to Disney’s private island Castaway Cay (pronounced “key”), days at sea, back to NYC.  Alas…..too many school days missed, because of travel time.  My other dream cruise is the Mediterranean one that includes Greece.  Very pricy.  Ah well, a girl can dream…


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