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2017 trip…what to do?

on May 10, 2016

 Warning: This is a very first-world problem.

I’ve been putting all of my organizing energy into my daughter’s Quinceañera coming up later this year.  I set up the flights: outbound, and return.  I was able to use IHG points (accumulated from good-old credit card spend and a recent bonus promo) to book 4 nights at a hotel near the venue for us so that visiting family from Ecuador could use my parents’ guest room.  I redeemed my husband’s last Barclay Arrival + points* for a $100 gift certificate for Budget Rental Car, and will be combining the cert with a great price I got from Costco Travel, which has historically been my go-to place for low rental car deals.  I recently booked a fabulous DJ/emcee/lighting service, and my next project is to firm up the invitation design.  Still lots to do after that, too!

*We recently cancelled this card- the annual fee was coming up, and they reduced the benefits to such a degree that it didn’t make sense to pay for another year.

Anyway- all this, plus uncertainty about (all together now) school/summer activity schedules for next year, and the knowledge that we will need to replace my husband’s car within the next year, means that I’m not sure where we will go/when we will go/how well we can fund a 2017 trip.  I’m very solid on 2018- we are going to Spain no matter what, and I WILL squeeze in a trip to Disneyland Paris while we’re in Europe.  Saving my pennies and points as we speak! And I’ve got my plan to take DS for a surprise mother-son Disneyland (CA) trip in 2019.

But poor 2017!  Destination and budget are up in the air.  Due to the car issue, it’ll be a domestic trip.  If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know that we only travel eastbound, so international trips take us to the land of 30 hours of travel, and that’d blow the vacation time budget, since I’d need at least 2 weeks for Spain/France.

Here are some options I’ve been looking at :

      • San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.  I’ve wanted to go here all my life!  This might be a good Spring Break trip, except that my husband probably won’t be able to go due to his work schedule during that time of the year.  I guess we could make this a 4-day long weekend if we just stick to the zoos and a few hours at Balboa Park.  He could come with us if the trip is short.  That might work. menu-home-logo
      • Busch Gardens Williamsburg/ Colonial Williamsburg/Washington D.C./ Isn’t it some kind of law that American children must go to Washington D.C. while they’re still school-age?  I did this combination of destinations with my high school class and haven’t returned since.  I remember it was super fun.  Plus, the theming of this Busch Gardens park is “European Village.”  Too far away to be a Spring Break trip, this would have to be a miss-the-last-day-of-school-because-you’re-flying-to-the-mainland-right-now, end of year but before the beginning of summer activities trip.  Need at least 7 days plus travel to pack in several museums and the National Zoo, too.
      • San Francisco.  Alcatraz, Golden Gate, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Walt Disney Family Museum.  I’ve only ever passed through the airport here, always wanted to explore.  The limitation here is hotel cost- yikes!  I’d be saving up points to use here for sure. I think this could be a long weekend also? sf


What say you, readers?  Where should my family go in 2017?  Should we do the longer trip to the east coast, or stick to a long weekend on the west coast?

2 responses to “2017 trip…what to do?

  1. VivaLaDiva405 says:

    I vote West Coast, since you will already be doing an East Coast trip this year (!!!!). AND you should save some days for some visitors in 2017!!!


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