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Solar eclipse visible on ANC-HNL flight

on March 8, 2016

They changed the flight time and path to ensure that the passengers would see it…full story here.

Joe Rao, an astronomer from the American Museum of Natural History (my favorite museum ever) and coworker to the amazing Neil Degrasse Tyson, communicated with Alaska Airlines to tweak the flight, and he’ll be on it to give out information about solar eclipses.  Too cool!  My favorite quote from the story:

The shadow of the eclipse will be moving at 8,000 mph, compared to the plane, which will be moving at 500 mph, according to Rao.

“Guess who’s going to win that race?” Rao said with a laugh.

How I wish I could be on that flight today!  DS would love it, too, given his recent obsession with planets and space. <science nerds unite>

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