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Disney World October 2015 Trip Report Part 7A: A morning with DS

on January 25, 2016

Once we had DS, I knew that one day we would be able to pull off a Parent Switch Day at Disney- one of us parents would spend the morning with one child, then all meet and switch, so the other parent would spend the afternoon with that child. The planned activities would be kept a secret from the kids, but would include something special.  I really looked for activities that each child would love, but maybe the other child wouldn’t be interested in, or couldn’t participate in.

Leading up to the trip, we teased our kids with little hints at what they might do on Mami Morning/Daddy Afternoon (for DS), or Daddy Morning/Mami Afternoon (for DD).  DD in particular, I think, looked forward to alone time with each of us, able to speak/eat/walk freely without being interrupted by her little brother.  She WAS an only child until she was 9, you know…

I planned a fun morning for me and DS, centering around Disney Junior activities.  We slept in a bit, having had a later night at the Halloween Party the night before, and headed out to Hollywood Studios.  I made sure to get a PhotoPass picture at the entrance, commemorating our special time together.

ds dhs2


We leisurely walked over to the Pixar Place area of the Park, ready for our first FP+ of the day: Toy Story Midway Mania!  The standby line was huge: 95 minutes!  But we were on in about 10 minutes thanks to FP+  🙂  He really loved the ride, and it’s one of my favorites, too.

We had a bit of time before our next stop, so we grabbed a bite to eat at the ABC Commissary.  I love this place- people tend to walk right by, but there is ample AIR-CONDITIONED seating and a good menu.  Bellies full, we made our way to the Animation Courtyard, where we still had a bit of time before the show I wanted us to see.  Jake from Jake & the Neverland Pirates was greeting, so I asked DS if he wanted to meet him, and he said NO.  I was shocked.  I asked what he wanted to do instead, and he said he wanted to ride the Great Movie Ride.

I didn’t have an FP+ for that, and it was too soon to get a new FP+ for a 4th experience, since I hadn’t used up my 3 for that day yet.  The standby line was marked as 20 minutes, which, with the actual ride time, would put us dangerously close to missing the start of the show.  I decided that since this was “his morning,” we would just hope for the best, and got in line.  Part of the queue was outside, and it was pretty darn hot this day.  He started complaining of being hot, so I made a shadow with my body, gave him cold water, distracted him with games.  We were almost to the indoor queue part, when he decided he didn’t want to wait in line any more.


I warned him that if we got out of the line, we couldn’t get back into it, and would not be able to ride this ride today.  I let him know that we would be back to this Park with the whole group, and could ride it then, but not today.  I asked him 4 times.  I delayed, because we were literally at the doorway and I could hear the audio from the previews they show in the last holding area before you board.  He insisted on leaving the line, and started whining.  That sealed the decision, because this mama has a strict You Whine, You Leave Policy.

We left the GMR line, and headed back towards Jake.  DS seemed a bit more amenable to meeting him now, having seen the cool pirate ship painted on the mural behind his photo area.  We got in the short line, and were moving forward when DS started to cry.  LOUDLY.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said, “I don’t want to meet Jake, I want to ride the Great Movie Ride!”


I took several deep breaths, and, finding I still couldn’t say anything nice, just stayed silent.  I told myself he was just reaching the natural point in any Disney trip, when the sheer assault on all your senses becomes too much to handle, especially for a young child.  I decided to just ride it out, and manually moved him forward in the line, hoping that he would settle down once we got to Jake.

No such luck, my friends.  We took the picture, but it was ugly.  As soon as we left the queue, it was time for Disney Junior Live on Stage! I told DS we were going to see Toodles from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Sofia from Sofia the First, and he seemed to calm down a bit.  Once the show started, and bubbles rained down in the small theater, he was all smiles.

Feeling better, I cheerfully announced that we were going to the Frozen Sing-a-long Celebration.  Like most kids, DS is a huge Frozen fan, and even sleeps with Olaf sheets on his bed.  So you would think a stage show where it was encouraged to be loud and sing, would be right up his alley, right?  Once again, he said NO.  He didn’t want to go to that.  I decided to cut my losses at the Studios, and look for a change of scenery.

We made our way out of the Park, and I suggested just riding around on the monorail for a while to stay in the shade until it was time to meet up with DH and DD.  He loved the idea, so we made our way to the bus area with plans to grab the first monorail-resort bus that came along.  A Contemporary Resort bus drove up just a few minutes after we started waiting- so we hopped on!  We had a very smooth ride to the Contemporary, and took a nice long walk around the resort before going up to the monorail entrance.  I love this Resort, it’s so retro-futuristic.

We hopped on the monorail and rode the Resort Loop almost twice around, meaning we looped around the Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian, then around again, getting off at the Grand Floridian the second time.  Monorail-riding is really very peaceful, and we had a blast talking about the fun things we had seen/done/eaten on the trip so far.  We were very mature whilst riding:

ds dhs silly

He’s making a silly face under there, I promise.

We actually got stuck on the monorail for a short while, as Disney was doing routine maintenance on another monorail on the track, so I texted DH that we might be a few minutes late meeting him.  Turns out he and DD were on the monorail behind us.  So we got to the Grand Floridian at almost the same time.

Thus my special time with DS was over.  It wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped, planning-wise…but kids don’t care about schedules, and he did enjoy eating Disney pretzels for breakfast (look carefully at that entrance pic…he’s holding up a Mickey-shaped one!), and he really loved Toy Story Midway Mania.  It worked out nicely that we did the preschool-y stuff together, and had some quality time to sit and talk, so I’ll call it a win.  Quality time together was the goal of Parent Switch Day, after all.

DD had had a fun adventure of her own- for big kids only!  She and DH had gone horseback riding at the Tri-Circle D Ranch!  I’ll get DH to write up a little something about this cool experience.  And I’ll be back with Part 7B: my afternoon with DD.  Spoiler alert: Gaston is hilarious!

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