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Disney Pre-Trip Report: A Disney Way of Life

on May 26, 2015

Psssst.  I have a secret…I’m mildly obsessed with Disney.  I know, big surprise, right?  I was struck with the thought that while many people enjoy Disney movies and maybe one lifetime visit to the theme parks, not everyone strives to get a bit of Disney fun in many ways, every day.  I definitely do, and these little tidbits of fancy become more important and frequent as I get closer to another Disney adventure in the World.  Here are a few ways I live the Magic every day.

I wake up in the morning, and on my way to brush my teeth, I see my framed Disney stock certificate on the wall.

Disney-Stock Certificates

I purchased it through OneShare many years ago, and it is a treasured possession, not only because it is beautiful, but because of the personalized engraving I requested:

Like a bolt out of the blue,

Fate steps in and sees you through,

When you wish upon a star,

Your dreams come true

This excerpt from When You Wish Upon a Star really puts me into a positive frame of mind for the day.  Side note: this stock certificate is now a collector’s item, since Disney stopped issuing paper certificates in 2013 🙂

After getting dressed, I wander into the kitchen.  I make sure I have my favorite Disney Cruise Line Tervis Tumbler cup in my lunch bag to take to the office:

Appropriately, there's a completed Disney/Pixar jigsaw puzzle behind my cup.

Appropriately, there’s a completed Disney/Pixar jigsaw puzzle behind my cup.

I see my flour/sugar/coffee canisters, dish towel, spoon rest, and Mickey timer brightening up the kitchen as well:

canisters kitchen towel spoon rest timer

I head to work, taking my Disney friends with me- they keep my keys organized!


While on breaks at work, I pay Frozen Free Fall, a fun little matching game:

picture from DisneyWiki

picture from DisneyWiki

When I get home, I decompress by listening to a little Disney radio- I have 2 stations I love.  Reedy Creek Radio and Mouse World Radio both stream Disney parks music from around the world via their free apps.  Today I heard the World Of Color soundtrack from Disney California Adventure, and the background music for the Port of Entry area of Tokyo DisneySea.  It really gets me in a Disney planning mood!

mouse-world-radio-logo RCR_Emblem_Logo

We might make a stop by the apartment complex pool, where I use my Festival of the Lion King towel…


On certain evenings, we watch a Disney movie. So many to choose from!


Or we play a round of Disney trivia (or Disney Monopoly, or Disney DVD Bingo, or complete a Disney puzzle).


My son likes to color and do play-doh at his Toy Story table and chair.

table chair

After the kids are in bed, I might do some light Disney reading about the Imagineers:

This is a small sampling of my Disney reading.

This is a small sampling of my Disney reading.  That dark volume on the right is an autographed copy of “Disney A to Z,” by Disney historian Dave Smith.

while drinking my favorite beverage out of a “year” cup…2008, in this case.


I may do some work on the computer, and need to use my Disney Movie Club calendar.


And the last thing I do before bed is set my work bag on this bench,

No one is allowed to sit on this, and I'm  the only one allowed to use it for any purpose!  A little picky, I know, but they don't make these any more, so I want to keep it pristine.  I store my personal Disney plushes inside.

No one is allowed to sit on this, and I’m the only one allowed to use it for any purpose! A little picky, I know, but they don’t make these any more, so I want to keep it pristine. I store my personal Disney plushes inside.

And play a few rounds of Disney Tsum Tsum, a totally addictive game that inspired stuffed Tsums, now sold in Disney Stores! I have a little Pluto one.
tsum tsum

Well, that’s my typical Disney Day.  Not pictured, but always included, are my visits to DISboards.com, the tracking and tweaking of my Disney spreadsheet, the daily countdown to our trip, and the Disney tote bag I use for my library books.  I like these Disney touches because they don’t overwhelm my home.  I wouldn’t want wall-to-wall Disney stuff everywhere, believe it or not.  I have Ecuadorian art, Spanish ceramics, and lots of non-Disney books, too.  And family pictures of all our travels are absolutely everywhere- just ask my husband, who went through many boxes of picture hangers and seemed to have the hammer and level permanently attached to his hands for a week after we moved in.

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Here’s to a little daily magic in your life!

7 responses to “Disney Pre-Trip Report: A Disney Way of Life

  1. I love this article! You sound like me. I am going to do a blog post showing all of my Disney stuff around the house to keep everything “magical” and remind me of our trips. We all love Disney and that’s why we all three do the blog. We just saw Tomorrowland and have a whole drawer with all of our Disney movies. Looks like you this is a new blog; I look forward to more posts. I am going to follow you. I love reading about other Disney geeks I guess some call us. Oh, our blog is secondstartotherightdisneyblog.wordpress.com.


  2. I have been looking at the rest of your blog. I really like it. Sorry I thought it was new. I thought it came across on the reader as new with just a few posts. I must have looked at it wrong. You live in Hawaii and don’t like it. I understand. We went to Aulani, but we had gone to WDW right before and I was bored! My husband and son loved it. I would like to someday make it to Maui and Kauai though.


  3. gina says:

    Well, it is very nice to keep the magic of Disney in your heart. We should all have it!!!


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