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Non-Travel Spreadsheets

on April 15, 2015

I’ve got a million non-travel spreadsheets going right now! We’re moving to a new place in a few weeks, and I’m organizing my moving box labels, a change-of-address checklist, a new monthly budget scenario, and tracking moving expenses. It’s super exciting, but time-consuming. This week, DD has a concert, we’re prepping to paint the new kids’ room, and we’re having a garage sale- I’m going in 5 different directions right now. Sorry for the lag in posting- once we’re a bit more settled I’ll share more of the moving organization details.

I recently assisted a friend who was trying to decide whether to use cash or miles on a trip to the Caribbean. We talked (texted!) through several options and she wound up getting a great deal for the dates she wanted. More details on that in a later post 🙂

Amid all this organized chaos, I was able to make all of my Disney Dining ADRs. I got everything I wanted, including lunch at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom on out first Park day. Sweet! Next up on the Disney checklist, purchasing tickets to the Halloween party (they’re on sale now), and watching all of the Star Wars movies while waiting for our FastPass+ booking window to open. I’ll also share some cute Disney DIYs for shirts and shoes!

Be back soon!

One response to “Non-Travel Spreadsheets

  1. gina says:

    Wow, the super woman. What a good example to follow. go girls, we can do it all!!!!


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