spreadsheets and suitcases

organization + travel = family fun

And now, for my next trick…actual travel!

on December 16, 2014

You know what they say…quit talking and start doing!  I’m done with my travel planning for the Ecuador trip and ready to get on with the actual traveling!

  1. I’ve printed my Carry-On and Checked Packing Lists taped them to the hallway walls so everyone can reference them as they get their clothes ready.
  2. I’ve enlisted everyone’s help in finishing up our perishable foods so we don’t come home to cheesy milk or rotted fruit.
  3. My husband has put our mail on hold so the full mailbox doesn’t tip off any would-be burglars (too bad, criminals, our resident manager will pop in occasionally and neighbors are also keeping their eyes open for us).
  4. We’ve placed Travel Alerts to some of our credit card companies so we don’t get declined.  And, are making sure to take cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees….even though Ecuador uses the USD, some sneaky CCs will try to charge fees because the physical transaction takes place outside the US.
  5. We’ve made sure all bills have been paid in advance; I don’t want to try to remember the cable company web payment username and password while on vacation!
  6. I’ll be returning the outstanding library books today 🙂
  7. Ultimately, we only have to carry 2 things to explore the world…our open minds and our passports!

I may post here and there from abroad, but in case I’m having too much fun…Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  Here’s to organized family travel in 2015!


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