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2 bits of Hawaii travel news

on December 12, 2014
  • United Airlines is offering an award mileage sale, including flights FROM Hawaii!  The booking period is 12/8/14 through 12/30/14, good for travel from 1/12/15 through 2/12/15.  Availability varies, of course, but I checked a sample itinerary to Houston (IAH), and on 1/11/15 (the day before the sale goes into effect), the mileage price each way was 22.5K, and on 1/12/15 (the beginning date for the sale), it drops down to 18k miles each way.  Plus taxes, of course.  A nice deal if you can get it on it…all the details on the Hawaii offer, which includes destinations is Mexico as well, can be found here.
  • Hawaiian Airlines is adding seats on its 717 planes (these are the ones they use for inter-island flights).  The seats will be thinner but supposedly “maintain the same amount of personal space” for the passenger.  I guess we’ll see!




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