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My Favorite Travel Websites

on October 3, 2014

I love travel websites.  Here’s a few of my favorites:

Boarding Area: this is the homepage for a bunch of business travel blogs.  A quick scan of the “headlines” every morning keeps me up to date on a bunch of miles and points info.

Flyertalk: a great informational website with forums for asking travel-related or airline-related questions.

Travel Math: I LOVE this site.  I love being able to find the airport nearest to a given city, calculate a “fly vs. drive” score, and solve many other travel math problems.

Kayak: I primarily use Kayak to check who offers nonstop flights between cities, and also to compare prices.  Great for fare alerts as well.

The Flight Deal: this is a perfect site for people who can book last-minute or short-lead-up-time travel based on deals.  So, not me.  But that might be you!

FlightAware: lets you track any flight!  Plus lots of other cool features.

Seat Guru: always check here before selecting airplane seats to avoid a dud- great resource!

XE: this is a user-friendly and reliable foreign currency conversion site.  They update every 5 seconds or something crazy like that.

Great Circle Mapper: this site lets you calculate distances between airports, or make a map with your flight path.  Very helpful when trying to use British Airways’ distance-based award chart:

Avios are the British Airways Frequent Flyer currency

Avios are the British Airways Frequent Flyer currency

Honorable mentions:

TripAdvisor: great for hotel and attractions reviews.  Check the 3 and 4-star reviews most often.  The 5-star ones may have been planted by management or paid for, and the 1-star reviews are usually from people who can’t follow directions or don’t read the fine print.

Hotels.com: another great price comparison and review site.  I never book through there though, I book directly on the hotel site to be sure I get my stay credits or other loyalty benefits.

Yelp.com: gotta find a good place to eat when you get there!  Also good for comparing airport transportation/shuttle options.


What are YOUR favorite travel websites?

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